On new adventures

Last January I switched jobs from Inuits to Valtech after almost three years of consultancy assignments. Although I really liked my consultancy job at Inuits, it was almost always focused on the same thing: training client teams in the use of provisioning tools and guiding them in the best practices around continuous integration and deployment. These were awesome projects to work on, but I found myself looking for more of a challenge, something that would require me to innovate more.

At Inuits I was mostly hired for short assignments. Thus I experienced a lot of different companies and worked in several teams to build and run a lot of different, mostly internet-related, products. The downside of short assignments is that you never get to see those products being adopted by users and subsequently evolving in response to user feedback. In other words, I started missing being part of a product team.

Hi Valtech

Valtech has more than 30 offices around the world and works for companies in diverse industries. With expertise in technology, marketing, and experience design, Valtech aims to revolutionize how its clients connect with their consumers.

I am joining Valtech as a senior cloud engineer. In this role, I will assist client teams with cloud adoption and deployment strategies while also transferring best-practice knowledge to the remainder of the company.

We use a lot of Microsoft-based technologies at the Dutch office. This is a completely new challenge for me, as a former open-source consultant. I expect to be blogging about Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Azure, and PowerShell a lot more in the coming months.